Academic Projects

Academic projects help students develop better technical competency, but reality is students end up buying projects resulting in missing the practical experience. We at UTL have evolved a unique practical methodology to give a real project experience to the students. Our support starts right from training you on the required skills to start the project, further guiding to meet project objectives, there by taking you through the complete project life cycle

Live Project Features

  • Projects in latest technologies
  • complete source code optimize
  • 100% error free technique
  • Project guidance will meet industry needs
  • industry coding standards
  • Controlling coding flow
  • Techniques for Testing, Debugging & Optimization
  • Project cost at very low rates

Project Guidance

  • Technical Training (60 Hrs.)
  • Project Specific Training (3 days)
  • Project Guidance
  • Testing & Review
  • Documentaion

Live Project Courses

  • C, C++
  • .Net
  • Embedded System